Small Businesses to Senate: Do Your Job

As a small business owner, I create jobs and strengthen the economy because I go to work each day and do my job. My employees do their jobs as well, which keeps my business and my community strong. Unfortunately, some members of the U.S. Senate are refusing to do their jobs by stonewalling a hearing to fill the Supreme Court vacancy. By leaving this vacancy unfilled, the Senate is endangering small business owners like me.

If the Supreme Court continues to operate with a vacancy, many of its most important cases will almost undoubtedly result in a 4-4 split. This means that crucial issues facing the small business community could remain unresolved, and small business owners will face an uncertain business environment.

This issue is too important to be derailed by petty partisanship – but once again, the Senate is failing to deliver. Years of showdowns and delayed presidential appointments have left small business owners frustrated and facing the fallout of government dysfunction. Small Business Majority’s polling found 53 percent of small business owners believe the president’s nominations to key government positions like judgeships and government agencies deserve timely up or down votes from the Senate, compared to 30 percent who did not believe this.

We need the Senate to do its job by holding a hearing to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court. That way, we’ll have the tools we need to do ours.

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